Planning Board

Mission Statement

The Planning Board's mission is to ensure compliance with Planning and Zoning regulations and ordinances when reviewing site plans and subdivision applications and to provide excellent customer service. The Board also revisits the regulations and ordinances to ensure compliance with State and Federal regulations while trying to maintain a balance between the rights of landowners and the voters' vision for the rural character of Brookline.

The Board meets once a month, on the third Thursday, with additional meetings on the first Thursday if necessary. Meetings are open to the public and there is always the option of watching the meetings on TV from the comfort of one's home! The town also streams the video feed of public meetings broadcast on Channel 192. This allows the public (including those who do not have cable) to view the meeting broadcasts live via the internet.

Meeting Deadlines

Meeting Date

Deadline for Applications

May 18

Apr 20

Jun 1


Jun 15

May 17

Jul 6


Jul 20

Jun 21

Aug 3


Aug 17

Jul 19

Sep 7


Sep 21

Aug 23

Oct 5


Oct 19

Sep 20

Nov 2


Nov 16

Oct 18

Dec 7


Dec 21

Nov 22

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Michele Decoteau (603) 673-8855 x215


Name Title
Alan Rosenberg Co-Chair
Eric Bernstein Co-Chair
Christopher Duncan Member, 2024 - 2027
Eric Pauer Alternate
Steve Russo Selectboard Rep.
Scott Grenier Member, 2021 - 2024
Ed Perry Selectboard Alternate