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Brookline Ambulance Service is a municipal, non-profit service providing treatment and emergency transport for the Towns of Brookline and Mason, NH. The staff includes a paid Ambulance Chief and paid daytime Paramedic plus 20 on-call attendants at the Paramedic, Advanced EMT and EMT skill levels.  All of our Providers are Nationally Registered and NH Licensed - maintaining the same high standards that are required of every EMS Provider, regardless of their status as career, call or volunteer.  Our on-call membership provides in excess of 14,000 hours per year of ambulance coverage.

We currently have two Type 1 ambulances equipped to the Paramedic level and licensed by the State of New Hampshire Bureau of EMS. Our Medical Resource Hospital is St. Joseph Hospital in Nashua, NH. We transport to eight area Hospitals based upon patient choice or severity of the patient and need for specialized care.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Janice Watt Paramedic 603-672-6216
Jeffrey Stewart Chief 603-672-6216