Brookline Historic Homes Photography Project

In an effort to preserve a record of Brookline’s homes, Donna Corey, Steve Russo, and Bob Ottavi will be taking photographs of older town residences. The three will be conducting this project under the aegis of the Brookline History Committee (Keith Thompson, chair). Corey, Russo, and Ottavi will start by photographing homes built before 1915; Brookline has 156 homes in this category, the oldest dating from 1744, and 27 from the later 1700’s when Brookline was actually called Raby. An additional 120 other properties date from the 1800’s.

The goal of the project is to memorialize these homes with a photograph and a brief history of each which will be incorporated into a bound book. A copy of the book will be presented to the Town, the Brookline Public Library and the Brookline Historical Society for preservation.

Homes change over the years – rooms and dormers are added, windows and porches are changed: this project will be documenting their present condition. However, the trio will also be looking for any photographs from the home’s owners or town residents depicting how the properties may have originally appeared and/or been transformed over the decades.

A calendar featuring some of the homes is also being planned, the sale of which will benefit the activities of the Brookline History Committee. If you have photos or illustrations of older Brookline homes that you would like to share, or for more information, please contact Keith Thompson (phone: 603-769-0732; email: [email protected].