Solar Panel Exemptions

On March 9, 2016 at the Annual Brookline Town meeting the town voted to adopt the provisions of RSA 72:61-64 inclusively, which provide for an optional property exemption from the property’s assessed value, for property tax purposes. For persons owning real property, which is equipped with solar energy systems intended for use at the immediate site. Such property tax exemption shall be in the amount equal to 100% of the assessed value of qualifying solar energy system equipment under these statutes.

Currently the Town of Brookline does not assess solar panels. In the last few years the installation of solar panels has increased drastically. All the data is being gathered and noted on the Assessment Cards at this time but will not be assessed until the next Town Wide Assessment update. At that time all the solar panels will be assessed. This ensures all the solar panel data has been gathered and entered and everyone is assessed at the same time and fairly.

This exemption will be available after the next Town Assessment Update in 2018. The Exemption paperwork (Form PA-29) is available online, the Assessing Office at the Town Hall and on the Brookline Town Website.