Upcoming Recycling Changes

Hello Brookline!

There are two notable changes coming to our recycling, likely starting Tuesday, May 26. These changes come with lots of discussion and evaluation by our Souhegan Regional Landfill District and take into account both environmental and financial considerations.

1) The "Mixed Plastics" is becoming more focused and will only accept PETE #1 soda/water bottles. Plastic food trays (such as the containers strawberries come in) are not acceptable in this compactor even though they say PETE #1 on them.

The other plastics compactor will remain taking HDPE #2 Translucent milk/water jugs only. All other plastics will now go in the trash.

2) Magazines now need to go in with the mixed paper and the bin that had been "Newspapers and Magazines" will now be "Newspapers Only"

As always, ask an attendant if you have any questions of where something should go. THANK YOU very much for your patience!

Look forward to more information towards the end of the week with images/examples of what goes where!