Project Approvals & Subdivisions

Project Approvals
Approval from the Planning Board is required for all subdivision, lot line adjustments, voluntary mergers, new non-residential developments (site plans), and changes in use and/or expansions of existing non-residential buildings and sites. Contact the Planning Office to discuss changes in use and expansions of use of existing sites.

In general, it is difficult to tell if a parcel can be subdivided based on acreage alone. There are minimum frontage requirements to be met as well. Contact the Planning Department Office to ask specific questions about your parcel. You will need to hire the services of a Licensed Land Surveyor or a Professional Engineer order to subdivide your parcel. Any proposed subdivision is subject to Planning Board approval in accordance with the Town of Brookline Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations and Appendices.

Subdivision / Site Plan Process
The Town of Brookline Planning Office prides itself on being business friendly. The Town Planner is available to answer general questions or to meet with you to discuss subdivision or site plan proposals in advance of submission to the Planning Board. The Planning Office is available to provide guidance and to identify any potential issues that could arise. The Town of Brookline recommends that all state permits be in hand prior to submission to the Planning Board. All the proposals go through technical review by the Town Planner. Then, the applicant submits the application to the Planning Board for public hearing. This allows other Town Departments concerns to be addressed during the Town Planner review process (Police Department, Fire Department, Emergency Management, Building Inspector, DPW Director, Conservation Commission and if applicable, Public Health).