Code Red-Emergency Notification System

The Town has recently contracted with CodeRED Emergency Notification System, an ultra-high speed telephone communication service for emergency notifications and the distribution of town-wide preparedness material.

CodeRED allows the local Public Safety Officials to telephone all or targeted areas of Brookline in case of an emergency situation such as an evacuation, hazardous materials incident, missing persons, winter storm and shelter information.

The System can dial the entire Town within a few minutes with a local pre-recorded message describing the situation and any instructions requiring immediate action on the part of the recipient. While CodeRED extracts calling data from the major telephone carriers, it is certain that many cell phones and other devices may not have been captured by the System.

To ensure that you receive CodeRED messages in time of an emergency, you may signup by clicking the CodeRED link.

For those townspeople or their friends and neighbors who may not have Internet access, signup forms will be available at local stores, the Town Hall, the Library, the Community Church, Police Department, Fire Department and the Safety Complex.

Questions can be answered by calling Brookline Emergency Management at 603-673-1742 or emailing [email protected]. ALL INFORMATION PROVIDED WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL and available only to the local Public Safety Officials

CodeRED information